ImperiaStone Ltd | About
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About Us

ImperiaStone team comprises of very experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in various business sectors including commodities, energy and infrastructure. We are committed to contributing towards the diversification of the Nigerian economy through our activities and partnerships with world-class organizations.

In this regard, we plan to be a major player in the relatively untapped solid minerals sector in Nigeria. We also are advancing several initiatives in the agricultural sector that will improve rice production in Nigeria and boost employment in the sector. On energy, we are collaborating with international organizations to provide solutions pertinent to some of the challenges in the Nigerian environment.

Our Vision

To be a household name in the business sectors we operate in the African market space.

Corporate Values


By emphasizing openness and honesty, we entrench trust and respect. Our employees appreciate the importance of ethics in how we approach our business.

Team Work

We recognize that collaboration is vital to achieving excellent results and promote diversity and teamwork in our businesses.


We maintain a relentless focus on excellence, continuous leaning and improvements. We strive to achieve the best in our undertakings.

Appealing Work Environment

Our greatest resource is our workforce. One of our principal goals is to maintain a well-motivated workforce with a strong sense of commitment. We place great value on career development and promoting an environment where all staffs can attain their potential.


Our objective is that no body is hurt in our operations and wherever work takes our employees.  Protection of life, and environment is at the core of everything we do.

Providing impactful and sustainable solutions.